Recent Projects

This BOBST SPO 1600 automatic platen / flat bed diecutter was sold and shipped from Japan to Ukraine. Pre-owned BOBST SPO 1600 automatic platen, year of manufacture: 1991.

This tissue machine was sold and moved from the Netherlands to Russian Federation. 2280 mm Voith Tissue Machine, Speed: up to 650 m/min, Capacity: up to 60 TPD. 2280 mm FOURDRINIER WET-CREPE TISSUE MACHINE. MAXIMUM SPEED 650 m/min, CREPE 5-15%, MAXIMUM PAPER WIDTH ON POPE 2280 mm. GSM Range produced: 22 – 55. Capacity: up to 54 TPD at 41 GSM. Main features: DOUBLE PRESS, YANKEE WITH GAS HEATED HOOD and AFTER DRYER GROUP.

This automatic baler was sold and moved from Germany to Ukraine. Automatic Baling Press for Waste Paper. Manufacturer: Austropressen. Model: APK DH 1500, year of manufacture: 2003. Bale formation time, including return stroke: 21 seconds. Output: 440 m3 per hour. Bale size: length – adjustable; width – 720 mm; height – 1000 mm.

This 4900 mm paper machine was sold to Russia from the Netherlands. Capacity: up to 240,000 tons per year, speed: 1070 m/min, grammage range: 80 to 200 GSM. Manufacturers of main components: Escher Wyss, Beloit, Metso.
The paper machine is equipped with a dilution headbox Symflo D by Metso, Foudrinier wet end with Belform top former, tri-nip press with steam box and a separate 4th press. Inline coaters are Optisizer and two Opticoat jet coaters.

We sold this very good Voith 3000 mm paper machine from Germany to Ukraine. The speed: 1000 m/min, daily production: up to 190 t, main products: 50 to 80 GSM. Complete installation, including the Jagenberg machine winder, numerous spare parts.

We sold this 2600 mm paper machine from Germany to Russia. This complete line was producing fluting and other packaging paper grades, from 90 to 280 gsm. The maximum speed was 600 m/min. A complete stock preparation plant and a machine winder were included the scope of supply.

A 2500 mm Corrugator Dry End (Marquip) was sold and moved from Germany to Russian Federation. Main components: Rotary Shear (Dual), year of manufacture 2007; Quickset Slitter Scorer, 1999; Web Suport Forks, 1999; Duplex Slider Table, 1999; Cut-off Knife, Model III 100L, 1999; Double Down Stacker Model III, 1999.

This automatic Lamino 165 KLETT Laminator was sold and moved from Germany to Georgia. Year of manufacture: 2003. Fully automatic laminating machine, maximum sheet size: 1600 x 1600 mm, minimum sheet size: 400 x 400 mm. Including automatic feeder for top sheet, automatic feeder for bottom sheet, high precision glue applicator +/- 0,75 mm, pressing belt, flip flop turning device, down stacker.

This 2500 mm BHS triple wall corrugator (a complete line to produce corrugated cardboard) was sold from Belgium to Italy. Manufactured in 1993 this BHS line is equipped with three Modul Facers, A, B and C Flutes, producing great quality single, double and triple wall corrugated cardboard. The double backer was rebuilt in 2013.

This project involved the selling of the entire content of a corrugated packaging plant from Ukraine to India. The equipment included a 1800 corrugator, B, C and E flute, a 2400 mm 4 colour printer slotter with rotary die cutter and other converting machines, as well as the the plant support auxiliary machinery

This 2500 mm corrugator (complete line to produce corrugated cardboard) was sold from Sweden to Mexico. The BHS wet end included two single facers, B, E and F flute combinations, the dry end was manufactured by Marquip. The production speed: 200 m/min.

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