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2700 mm Tissue Machine, Complete with Stock Preparation Plant. Speed: up to 1080 m/min

2700 mm Tissue Machine, Complete with Stock Preparation Plant
Speed: up to 1080 m/min. Products: 15 – 30 GSM
Complete with stock preparation for virgin pulp and a slitter rewinder.

Stock preparation: 

1. Medium consistency pulper, vat capacity 20 M3, year 2004, in AISI 304 stainless steel, complete with electric motor 200 Kw, transmission with v-belts and pulleys, electric control panel with Softstart. Set of spare parts including rotor, filter plate and motor.
2. 2 high density cleaners (capacity 500 l/min each).
3. 2 double disk refiners: Recard 17” (year 2005), Bruno 17” (year 2000).
All the refiners are complete with steel base, electric motor and control panel. Set of spares.
4. Vibrating screen (Over).
5. Fan Pump (Sulzer), capacity 30000 l/min, complete with base and DC motor with control panel. Set of spares including DC motor.
6. Pressure screen (Kadant), year 2005, equipped with slotted basket diam. 1000 mm, complete with base, transmission with v-belts and pulleys, electric motor. Set of spares including basket, shaft and electric motor.
7. Set of centrifugal pumps for stock and water complete with base and electric motor.

Tissue Machine:

1. Headbox (Over), hydraulic and suitable for suction breast roll, complete with internal step diffusor block and AISI 304 stainless steel tapered manifold and spare lip.
2. Suction breast roll (Over), diam. 900 mm, with bronze shell, complete with AISI 304 stainless steel suction pipes and air water separators, supporting frame in painted carbon steel and hydraulic unit for the necessary movements for wire change and maintenance.
3. Inclined wire section, designed for a wire length of 13.5 m, complete with: 3 wire rolls diam. 290 mm
1 wire drive roll diam. 483 mm
Set of cleaning showers (the high pressure shower for wire cleaning is equipped with electronic oscillating system Fomat, the one for suction breast roll cleaning with pneumatic oscillating system)
Wire tension and guide devices
Supporting structure, in cantilever for wire changing, manufactured in carbon steel covered with AISI 304 stainless steel
Set of spares including a wire roll, a wire drive roll and parts of the wire guide device
4. Felt section, designed for a felt length of 20.6 m, complete with: 12 felt rolls diam. 290 mm
Blind drilled press roll with polyurethane cover, diam. 650 mm, with AISI 304
stainless steel water collecting tray
2 suction boxes for felt conditioning and n. 4 suction boxes for paper dewatering, equipped with ceramic cover
1 suction pick up box with ceramic cover
Set of air water separators and vacuum collectors
Set of cleaning showers (the high pressure shower for felt cleaning is equipped with electronic oscillating system Fomat)
Felt tension and guide devices
Supporting structure manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel
Set of walkways and access ladders with guards
Set of spares including n. 2 felt rolls
5. Yankee dryer section complete with:
New Steel yankee dryer (Toscotec), diam. 2500 mm, face length 3000 mm,
maximum working pressure 10 bar, with high hardness metal coating
Drive system with shaft mounted gearbox complete with Dc motor 305 Kw and cardan joint
Rotating joints for steam inlet and condensate outlet
3 oscillating doctor blades for creping, cleaning and cutting
6. Pope reeler (OBL), year 2009, suitable for parent reels with a maximum diameter of 2700 mm and a maximum working speed of 1100 m/min.
Drum diameter 900 mm, n. 7 reel spools, n. 3 reel spools for carton cores suitable for single ply parent reels, equipped with reel spools loading system on primary arms, parent reels brake, reel spools starter.
7. Drive system
Set of DC motors for wire drive roll, press roll, yankee dryer and pope reeler, with the necessary gearboxes, joints and accessories.
Control panel for paper machine speed control with PLC and touch panel.
Set of spares (DC motors, gearboxes, cardan joints).

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